Two Beach Outfits We're Obsessed With


Summer – it’s a feeling. The salt in the air, the sand between your toes... and oh, the beach outfits you get to wear! Wrap it all together and you’re ready to skip through sun-soaked stretches of sand. Your beach-y fashion and accessories should feel as light and carefree as riding the waves on a balmy summer morning. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to it!

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 1.53.56 PM.png

When you’re knee deep in the water somewhere…

Let your swimsuit and accompaniments bring the fun to you. Don a bright suit that matches your personality, some light layers to keep you warm after the sun goes down, a straw hat that won’t fly away, and sunglasses to protect your eyes (and add that little something extra). The Hilty Hoop Earrings, Amiya Bracelet Set, and the Jayla Cocktail Ring add natural whimsy and a hint of bohème with our cultured baroque pearls that fit in perfectly with the views.


When you’re going where the sea breeze takes you…

From rosé all day to BFFs by the bay, you’re not interested in over scheduling yourself – good reads, good tunes, and good vibes are all you need. When presented with multiple opportunities to dine al fresco (maybe even on a boat!) dress for the weather with light, breathable fabrics in vibrant colors like corals, blues and yellows. In addition to your favorite sunnies, complement your beach outfit with some killer jewels. Have fun with it! The Kai or Kash Hoop Earrings are gorgeous ways to add a statement. Add even more oomph with the Kaiden Bracelet Set, available in an assortment of summer ready colors.

Now what’s left to do? Throw on your favorite sun hat that matches all your best beach outfits, grab some sunscreen, and toss your Instax™ in your bag – it’s going to be a perfect day.