Things to Do in Marfa, TX


For such a small town, we found plenty of things to do in Marfa – a magical oasis tucked away in West Texas, and the site of our Fall 2019 photoshoot. Are you heading there too? Consider this your complete guide. 

Where to Stay in Marfa

Corte del Norte 

Right in the middle of town, and seriously Insta worthy. Keep an eye out for it in our campaign! 

Hotel St. George 

Where our crew stayed while shooting. Bonus: There’s a fun pool right next door.  

Hotel Paisano 

Built for the likes of James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor when they shot Giant in the 50s.   

El Cosmico 

Go glamping in an airstream (or if you’re feeling more adventurous, a teepee or yurt).

Where to Eat in Marfa 


A tiny Italian restaurant that also happened to serve us the best zucchini enchiladas. 

Marfa Burrito 

Enjoy a breakfast burrito the size of small child for just $5.  

Food Shark 

Eat falafel and gyros in a converted school bus, just like Beyoncé (Google it). 


Casual fine dining with an ever-changing menu of interesting local dishes. 

Al Campo 

This wine bar is all about the vibes, and serves up a killer charcuterie board. 

The Water Stop 

We ate here multiple times while shooting! Get the biscuit and toffee/chocolate chip cookie. 

The Capri 

American food with a hip rustic vibe. Def get a marg at the bar! 

Aster Marfa 

A tiny restaurant with a tiny (but seriously good) menu to match. 

Do Your Thing Coffee 

Get the avocado toast (called The Jerusalem) and a horchata latte. Trust us. 

Frama Coffee 

Matcha latté, lavender honey ice cream… This place can do no wrong. 

Dairy Queen 

A one stoplight town staple. Our order? Dipped cone and curly fries, always. 

What to See in Marfa

The Chinati Foundation 

An art museum housing famous works by Donald Judd, Dan Flavin, and others. 

Prada Marfa 

One of the very top things to do in Marfa, because obviously. 

Marfa Lights 

We visited the mysterious lights that show up just outside town limits on our last night. 

Any & All Galleries 

Because Marfa is pretty much an art mecca. 

Where to Shop in Marfa 


A postage stamp-sized store with cute tchotchkes and art. 

Cobra Rock 

The place to get your own pair of custom boots (among other things). 

Marfa Book Co. 

Come for the artsy books, stay for the cool events. 

Raba Marfa 

Peruse cool vintage clothes, funny cards, records, and so much more.  

Marfa Brand Soap 

Organic, locally crafted soap that makes the perfect souvenir. 

Garza Marfa 

Your destination for all the unique handspun textiles and leather furniture.  


Vintage denim, bandanas, and other treasures, like personalized metal stamped keychains. 

Wrong Store 

A quirky store (obvs, considering the name) full of cool wooden art. 

The Get Go 

The one grocery store in the town! Get a tote from here and fill it up with snacks. 

Moonlight Gemstones 

Here you’ll find every gemstone you could ever imagine – perfect for the KS gal. 

 We *told* you there were plenty of things to do in Marfa… Now the only question is, how will you fit everything in to your trip?