Meet (Some of!) the Moms of Kendra Scott


“What makes a mom?” is just one of the many questions we asked ourselves while getting ready for Mother’s Day this year. There’s no one definition, which is why we turned to some of our team members to learn more about how they’ve taken on the role and what it means to them.


Pamela Cuellar Recio — Assistant General Manager, Sips & Sweets

When Pamela went to the doctor a few months ago thinking she had the flu, she found out that not only was she right, but she was also pregnant! Since then, she and her partner have been dreaming into all the things they want to pass on to their future baby boy.

“Music has always been important to my family. One of my favorite bands is the Beatles – our son’s name will be River Jude, after ‘Hey Jude’. I’m excited to sing that song to him, and introduce him to all kinds of culture.”


Tracey Griffin — Chief Financial Officer

Tracey leads her family the same way she leads our company – by example. It’s clear how much her boys have learned from her curiosity and thoughtfulness, turning into two independent thinkers destined to make a difference.

“My boys are very inquisitive. They don’t accept things at face value. Our family dinners mean so much to me because we talk about a lot – it’s fun to hear how they think about the world and plan to make their own contributions.”


Katie Smith — Director of Specialty Sales

Only a few months into motherhood, Katie has been soaking up all the time she can get with her newborn son. From the 3am feedings to the banjo performances put on for him by her husband, each moment has been as special as the last.

“Being a mom is just joyful – every experience is hilarious and amazing and fun. I want our Mother’s Day to be a celebration of family because it’s not just about me, but the miracle of growing and raising a baby.”


Jennifer Hernandez — Wholesale Retail Fulfillment Lead, administrative

Jennifer was in her mid-20s when she met 10-year-old Jasmine through Girl Scouts Beyond Bars, a program that provides mentorship to girls whose moms are incarcerated. Nine years later, they’re closer than ever – and when Jasmine is old enough, she wants to become a mentor too.

“When I found out I was going to be mentoring a fifth grader, I didn’t know if I could relate to someone so young. But then I met her and just fell in love. When she was 16, she was the flower girl at my wedding, and now she’s finishing up her freshman year of college.”


Sheena Wilde — Director of Philanthropy

A champion for moms both in and on behalf of our company, it’s no surprise that family is Sheena’s #1 priority. From twice-daily dance parties to weekends spent outdoors, she’s committed to making the little moments with her three kids (ages three and under!) count.

“I didn’t truly know that I wanted kids until I met my husband. Then once I had my son, I knew I wanted to have a bigger family. My mom was taken away from me so early, which is why it’s important for us to create traditions and memories together.”