Kendra Scott Home Office Tour

Kendra Scott Headquarters

Our office in one word? Dreamy. From the second we started designing into all the space could be, Kendra’s vision was very clear – it needed to be a Google meets Vogue sanctuary where her team (and their families!) actually wanted to spend their time. And not to brag or anything, but her vision definitely came to life. Join us on a little tour of the headquarters we call home in Austin, Texas…

Conference Rooms

Fun fact: Every single one is inspired by a different gemstone. Because duh, we’re a jewelry company… We just had to! The best part has to be the chandeliers custom designed to match the theme of each space.


Free classes like barre, yoga, and boxing are hosted in this pretty yet practical space on the reg, but you can pop in any time of the week (including weekends) for a quick workout sesh!

Nail Bar

Have you ever heard of a jewelry company (or any company, for that matter) with their own nail bar? Yeah, we hadn’t either. It’s not uncommon to have a meeting over manis or for a certain nail art trend to go viral around the office – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Game Room

Remember how we mentioned that Kendra wanted our families to feel welcome in our Home Office too? Loaded with all kinds of fun for every age, this room allows parents to bring in their kiddos whenever they need or want to.



 Whether you’re looking for somewhere to knock out some work or just want to soak up the Texas sunshine, our patio is the perfect hideaway.


 You read that correctly. Not just one, but two kitchens! We’re so grateful to our smoothie making expert, Shelby, and our resident barista, Riley for always keeping us energized. The snack rooms, kombucha and cold brew on tap, and flavored water machine aren’t so bad either. ;)

Design Studio

 What’s a jewelry company without a place to create, right? Our state-of-the-art design studio is seriously inspiring, equipped with casting, 3D printing, an extensive product and material library, and so much more.

Kendra’s Office

Last but certainly not least, Mama K’s office! We just had to give you a peek into where our fabulous founder spends her days leading her jewelry company. We think you’ll agree that every single detail is just perfection.