Get to Know our 2019-2020 College Ambassadors

Kendra Scott Campus Ambassaador

It’s that time of year again… The start of our Kendra Scott college ambassador program – also known as the Gems! Every spring we set out to recruit the best and brightest college students in the nation, who represent everything we stand for at KS. In the fall, we then task them with hosting events, surprising and delighting their campuses with all the free stuff (including jewelry!), doing good in their communities, and so much more. These gals are seriously in the loop when it comes to our brand. And you definitely want to know them.

But who exactly are these college ambassadors, you might wonder? We thought you might ask. Which is why we put together a little guide for you, so you can get connected with your school’s rep(s):


Mary-Michelle Stokes – Auburn University

Mindy Owens – Auburn University

Ansley Carr – The University of Alabama

Claire DeVoe – The University of Alabama


Shelby Scott – Arizona State University

Aly Cantor – The University of Arizona


Blair Smith – The University of Arkansas


Katie Marchant – San Diego State University

Noelle Pardo – The University of Southern California


Mandy Harris – Florida State University

Alexa Young – The University of Florida


Cara Morrison – The University of Georgia


Molly Schuster – The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Stephanie Suh – The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Emma Legg – Ball State University


Mikaela Ackerman – The University of Iowa


Olivia Taylor – Kansas State University


Rachel Pait – Western Kentucky University


Brooke Renton – Louisiana State University

Cassidy Hopper – Louisana State University


Claire Carrier – Grand Valley State University

Taylor Clark – Michigan State University


Taylor Mercer – Mississippi State University

Courtney Zeidner – The University of Mississippi

Hayden Lovelace – The University of Mississippi


Kennedy Stroker – The University of Missouri

Samantha Most – The University of Missouri


 Kaitlyn Hardman – The University of Nebraska at Omaha

 New Mexico

Damian Banegas – New Mexico State University

Kendall McKenzie – The University of New Mexico

 New York

Paris Vincze – Fashion Institute of Technology

Maya Campos – Syracuse University

North Carolina

Lindsey Patterson – Elon University

Emma Campagna – North Carolina State University


Caroline Reagh-Slager – Miami University of Ohio

Charlene Westfall – The Ohio State University

Hannah Dailey – The Ohio State University

Haylee Brenek – The Ohio State University

Reagan Wolfe – The University of Cincinnati


Claire Doolin – Oklahoma State University

Jacqueline Kuwitzky – The University of Oklahoma

Loren Welsh – The University of Oklahoma

Taylor Hanoch – The University of Oklahoma


Kristen Hayes – Penn State University

Dylan Massoni – The University of Pennsylvania

South Carolina

Laura Masterson – College of Charleston


Lauren Schultz – The University of Memphis

Rebecca Mitchell – The University of Tennessee at Knoxville


Avery Moore – Baylor University

Caren Valenciano – Texas A&M University

Riley Satterwhite – Texas A&M University

Bailey Alexander – Texas Christian University

Kaydianna Davis – Texas Christian University

Jenna Janke – Texas State University

Cassidy Chen – The University of Texas at Austin

Kate Gentry – The University of Texas at Austin

Sanskriti Agarwal – The University of Texas at Austin

Rola Elkhatib – The University of Texas at Austin

Taylor Prassel – The University of Texas at Austin

Ashley Brown – The University of Houston

Elayne Govea – The University of Texas at El Paso


Natalie Sorenson – The University of Wisconsin at Madison

Leah Levy – The University of Wisconsin at Madison

 Keep an eye out on campus for your KS college ambassador, and follow along with all the fun happening across the country using #KSOnCampus.