How Our Kendra Scott Family Celebrates the Season


‘Tis the Season! There’s something so magical about the holidays – and they mean different things to everyone, whether that’s enjoying cozy nights by the fire or taking the time to give back to your community. This year, we asked our Kendra Scott Family to share their heart for the holidays and how they’ll be celebrating: 



The holiday season has become a really cool time for us to combine our family’s West Indian and American traditions. Every year we look forward to spending time with family—and making our favorite foods from both cultures.

Rae Touissant, Site Merchandiser & SEO Specialist, and his mother

Tis the season to bake together

We met at work and became fast friends. Now we hang out almost every day, and one of our favorite things to do together is bake! The best thing we’ve baked so far this holiday is ginger molasses cookies (we sandwiched them with homemade lemon ginger ice cream – yum!)

Roman Holtzen, Store Development Coordinator, and Shelby Hicks, Kitchen Support Specialist


Amy is like my adopted aunt and we love to travel together. This holiday we're planning on taking our second road trip to Marfa to gather inspiration for the new year.

Amy Sawtelle, Interior Special Projects Manager, and Peyton Perry, Social Media Visual Lead

TIS the season to show my style

I’ve got about 50 pairs of sneakers in my closet...and the addiction has me running out of closet space. It’s just a fun way to add some pizzazz to any occasion. This holiday I’ll be wearing my Metallic Gold Cortez sneakers because you can’t enjoy the season without a little sparkle...head to toe.

Millicent Hawkins, VP Change Management

tis the season to make memories

I have so many pictures of my two-year-old on my phone, I’ve lost count. But it’s so fun to watch him experience this magical time of year! I love to follow him around and capture those memories.

Ana Peake, Graphic Designer