Charms: An Interview with Mary Lawless Lee


We first fell in love with Mary for her trend-forward yet down-to-earth style… and her affinity for white boots! We fell even more in love with her when we realized her heart for others, evident in her first job as a critical care nurse, her sweet relationship with her husband Madison, and her obsession with her two Great Danes Miles and Allie. Mary hails from Texas like us, although she now calls Nashville home — when she’s not traveling the world, of course.

“I’m from Texas originally … and that’s always been part of my interests, part of what inspires me. I think it's the southern side of my background that translates to the approachable side of my style.”


“My fashion is a reflection of where I’m at or what I’m feeling. If I want to feel more strength and empowerment one day, I can wear Smoky Quartz to align with that.”

Learn more about Mary by following her on Instagram at @happilygrey and shop her Charms picks below!