Charms: An Interview with Fayruz Benyousef


Fayruz might just be the most inspiring woman we’ve ever met. Despite every hardship she’s faced – both her and her dad surviving cancer, one daughter born prematurely and the other stillborn, and more – she approaches life with genuine gratitude. As the founder of her own non-profit consulting firm in Austin, Fayruz is passionate about using her experiences to help others (and always doing it in style).

“My best advice to women is to pursue your dreams; do your due diligence, but don’t ever doubt that you can do it. That’s why I love the Peacock Feather – it represents confidence.”

“My friends are always saying that they love my style, and I’m very humbled by that because to me, it’s just about dressing up – it’s fun. I don’t have one look, but I enjoy seeing what the trends are and making my own fashion statement.”

“I have an outlook on life that’s about gratitude. For my family, spiritually and even culturally, it’s so important to accept and appreciate what you do have. That’s something that I try to impart to my daughter Yara all the time.”

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