The Kendra Scott Design Lab


My designers and I created the Design Lab of our dreams here in Austin, complete with casting, 3D printing and a full product and material library. I wanted this to be a unique space to create, innovate and be inspired. XO - Kendra

Go behind the scenes of the Kendra Scott Design Lab.

All of our jewelry is designed in our state-of-the-art Design Lab in Austin, Texas.

Using a blend of old world jewelers' techniques and modern technology, Kendra works with our design team to push the boundaries of fashion and quality design with each season.

Collections often begin to take shape more than a year in advance. Through travels and daily inspiration, Kendra sits down with her team to share her vision. From there, the design team sketches and dreams into custom shapes and silhouettes. From strategically placed pavé to hand cut facets, every detail is scrutinized as the Collection's unique story unfolds.