Our New Fall Jewelry with Kendra & Denise


Our latest delivery is the perfect combination of the biggest trends of the moment and all the KS details you love most! Whether the new Drusy pieces are glittering beside your statement hoops or you’re layering on our reimagined medallion with pre-curated charm sets, I just know you’re going to be as obsessed with these new arrivals as I am.

– XO, Kendra


A Charmed Look, Curated for You

It’s no secret that we’re way into charms. From their symbolism to their found objects feel, they’re just so fun to wear. Another thing that makes them so great is their versatility – take the hoops in the Samuel suite. You can wear them with the charms, or go without for a more minimal vibe. It’s like getting two pairs in one!


Intricate Iterations of an Iconic Design

You’re going to be obsessed with the minimalist redesign we just gave our signature medallion. While it may be launching with our other fall jewelry, we’re positive that the delicate layerables of the Rue suite are going to be in constant rotation throughout every season.


Science & Style Combined

The Avi Hoop Earrings: Fall jewelry so good, they needed their own callout. What makes them special, you wonder? They’re created through a process called electroforming, where a custom model is shaped and then dipped into a water bath with an electric current. Metal particles are then dispersed into water to collect on the model, which is then dissolved, resulting in these hollow and amazingly lightweight earrings.


A Best-Selling Stone, Bigger & Better Than Ever

That’s right – we’ve designed into even more Drusy, one of your all-time favorites! The statement sparkle of the Harrison suite is just what your fall jewelry has been looking for, created in our classic oval shape with the simplest metallic accents.

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