How to Style Your Night Stand


We believe that the bedroom should be a getaway, as beautiful as it is functional. But there is one spot that usually gets neglected: the bedside table. More often than not, it becomes a dumping ground for all kinds of clutter #guilty.

It doesn’t have to be like that though! Learn how to style a nightstand with our five bedside essentials below:

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Stacked Books

A few coordinating books are an easy way to create dimension for your nightstand. Plus, they’ll be conveniently located for some before-bed reading! Stack them horizontally to create a “shelf” for other pieces.

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Chic Storage

Our top tip for how to style a nightstand? Make the practical, pretty with organizational pieces that double as décor.

Acrylic Box: Store your most attractive things in style while also keeping them in sight, like we did with our favorite Charlotte Tilbury makeup.

 Jewelry Stand: Because you have some gorgeous jewels, and they deserve to be shown off.

Ring Dish: Let this act as a catchall for your most petite essentials like keys, hair ties, and lip balm.

Ring Cone: To stack on treasured everyday pieces like your wedding band or your great grandma’s engagement ring right before you go to bed.

Kendra Scott Home Styling Tips
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 A Signature Scent

It’s important that your space make you feel calm, so set just the right mood with a candle (or two) that’s as beautiful as it is aromatic.

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Beautiful Blooms

Fresh flowers are naturally fragrant and instantly add life to any room. You don’t need a big bouquet – a few stems will totally suffice.

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 A Pop of Color

We’re all for tranquil neutrals in the bedroom, but can never resist adding a bright hue into the mix – a vibrant frame is an easy, personal way to do that.

P.S. Did you know that you can customize our frames with free photo upload and printing?

 When it comes to figuring out how to style a nightstand in your space, there’s no need to stress. Stick to our five go-tos – we’re positive you’ll love the results.

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