How to Style Your Kendra Scott Charms


We first fell in love with charms for their powerful symbolism, each one celebrating something different and unique. We fell in love all over again when we discovered just how fun it is to mix and match with them! There are so many ways to wear charms – the options are truly endless. Looking for some inspiration? We’re sharing a few of our favorite ideas below.

On a Necklace

If there’s anything we’re loyal to in fashion, it’s the art of layering. Pair your personalized piece with an everyday pendant, seasonal statement, and/or anything with diamonds to create a strikingly eclectic look.

Pro Tip: When wearing multiple necklaces at once, put the biggest one on the bottom and then add the others in descending size order, spacing them all out equally.

On Earrings

When it comes to putting charms on hoops, we love playing up the asymmetrical trend. The added visual interest instantly elevates any outfit – and besides, who said that we always have to coordinate?

Pro Tip: Your lobes are sensitive, so make sure you’re not weighing them down! Use only more petite charms on your earrings.

On a Bracelet

Queen Victoria was rarely seen without a charm bracelet, and so are we. Whether you prefer a classic chain silhouette or something more modern, the idea is for your charms to accent without overwhelming (we like wearing three or four at a time).

Pro Tip: If stacking multiple bracelets together, make sure your arm party is balanced by keeping the number of charms small.