How to Pick the Best Rosé Wine


Rosé’s claim to fame may be as the ultimate summertime sidekick, but we love it for any and every occasion. Because in the words of Aubrey West, our resident wine expert and General Manager of the Sips & Sweets Café at our new Flagship Store, “Rosé pairs best with life.” In honor of Valentine’s Day, we partnered with Aubrey to give you the lowdown on all things rosé, including our best rosé wine recs for the holiday.

Originally from Provence, rosé was an accidental discovery made when the grapes for a red wine were taken off the skin sooner than they were supposed to. When making red wine, the skin could have contact for months or even years – with rosé, it averages only a couple hours. The result? A beautiful compromise between red and white wine that you’re either obsessed with, or just haven’t tried yet.

When picking the best rosé wine for you, it all comes down to one word: color. A pale rosé (Kendra’s favorite!) will be crisp and bright, usually with a slightly salty taste influenced by the Mediterranean Sea. If you want something fruitier and fuller, look for a wine on the darker end of the spectrum. Not interested in roaming the aisles for your perfect rosé?

Check out the two Aubrey can’t get enough of.

Our Best Rosé Wine Recs for Valentine’s Day

Pasqua 11 Minutes Rosé

What It Is: A still wine from Italy made with grapes that only have contact with the skin for 11 minutes (hence the name). This rosé displays a light color common to France, but with more of a body that pairs perfectly with everything from barbecue to seafood.

Best For: If dinner is your main event! Bonus: Its name makes for a great conversation starter.

Freixenet Italian Rosé

What It Is: A sparkling rosé from Italy that has both a dry taste and a berry finish – a total crowd pleaser that comes in the most Insta-worthy bottle.

Best For: If you have any doubt about your audience or agenda, or just don’t know that much about rosé, get this one.


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