Holley Day 2019


October 13 marks our fourth-annual Holley Day celebrating the life of Kendra’s dear friend Holley Rothell Kitchen. A loving mother, a lifelong friend, and an inspiration to many, Holley lost her life to metastatic breast cancer on January 12, 2016.

“Holley was always so kindhearted, so selfless, that even when she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, she didn’t stop to worry about herself. She turned the fight of her life into an opportunity to inspire thousands, to educate others on the importance of research and funding for metastatic breast cancer, and to be an inspiring example of a loving mother and loyal friend.” – Kendra

This Sunday, October 13, 20% of all proceeds in-store will benefit Inheritance of Hope, supporting Legacy Retreats for families with a parent facing metastatic breast cancer. Holley and her family participated in one of these retreats during the last years of her life, and with your help, we will provide the same experience to other families like Holley’s. Below are the ways in which you will inspire hope on October 13.


As Holley said in her video that went viral in 2015, “Metastatic breast cancer is not talked about enough... not enough research... but yet it's the cancer that kills.”