An Interview with: Kendra Scott


Excuse us while we spend a few moments gushing about our fabulous CEO. A rockstar businesswoman and designer, a loving mother, and a passionate philanthropist, she built the Kendra Scott brand from a startup in her spare bedroom into a multi-million dollar company. We asked her a few questions so you can get to know and love her as well!

What’s your morning ritual?

Eating breakfast with my boys. Every morning my husband and I wake up the boys and sit down for breakfast together. Spending those key moments together before we all head off to start our day are so special to me.

What’s your favorite décor element of the new office?

Well it is my dream office, so it’s hard to pick just one! I’ll say our conference rooms, because each one is inspired by and named after one of our stones. With stone chandeliers made in our own design studio and custom artwork that reflects the beauty of each stone, every room has its own unique atmosphere. The Mother-of-Pearl room is my personal favorite – it has a peaceful and elegant mood that makes every meeting seem more fun!

If you could give one piece of advice to a woman starting her own business, what would it be?

Never be afraid to ask for help. The first few years of starting my company came with a lot of uphill battles, and I reached out to mentors who had more experience than me, who could help me overcome these challenges. So ask questions, find a mentor, and know that doing so is a sign of strength. And you might be surprised to find that people actually enjoy the opportunity to lend a helping hand.

Do you have a motto you live by every day?

“You Do Good.” My stepfather spoke those three words to me in the midst of his battle with brain cancer, and I have carried them with me every day since. Because of Rob, I was inspired to create a business that did something more, that gave back to the community in real, meaningful ways.

Is there a single moment in your career that stands out above others?

The opening of our flagship store on South Congress. We went from strictly operating business-to-business to opening a door of direct communication with our customers. I could visit the store, talk to our shoppers, ask them what they loved or what we could do better, and that was so essential in helping us grow. That moment, to me, is when everything changed.

Favorite KS piece of all time?

My favorite everyday layer, the Elisa Necklace. I love it first, of course, because the silhouette is our iconic shape taken from the original “Danielle.” And second, because every season we are inspired to reinvent this piece in new and exciting ways. Whether it’s a new, innovative metal or a brand new stone, I am always happy to see how our Elisa evolves season after season.

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