Designing the Kendra Scott Home Collection


A collection that has been years in the making, Kendra Scott Home is a fusion of my love of gemstones and my passion for beautiful interiors. The concept first began in our stores, where I integrated beautiful, personal elements to create a welcoming environment, as if I were inviting each customer into my home. Now, that concept has grown into a line of elegant, dynamic interior pieces to love as much as your favorite accessories. This collection is jewelry for your home.

I absolutely love interior design. I always say that if I weren’t a jewelry designer, I would probably be designing interiors. I love to decorate my home, personalizing it to my own sense of style. Clearly, I love color, but my home is actually very neutral. Instead, I let the accessories in my home be that impact of color and interest. It’s much like how I dress myself – pairing a neutral dress with a beautiful statement earring or necklace that pulls everything together. To me, the interiors in the home say as much about your personality as the jewelry you choose. And, of course, they should be just as beautiful.

My VP of Design, Denise, brings beautiful insight to our design process and how we have translated our signature techniques and style into our Home Collection:

“The biggest design challenge we faced was how to translate our signature jewelry materials and techniques into larger scale pieces. The genuine stones we source are not found in large slabs, so we created a technique that achieved the look we envisioned. We melded these smaller pieces of stone together and backed them with acrylic to create a design that was beautiful, strong, and of the highest quality.

While Home is a brand new category for us, our design principles remain the same. We intended this collection to be a curation of home accessories as seen from the jewelry designer’s perspective. Craftsmanship, uniqueness and 360° detail are always top of mind, just as they are when we design a pair of earrings or a statement necklace.”   

My Kendra Scott Home collection is designed with such care and detail. These are objects that are meant to be loved for a lifetime. From the architectural filigree pattern to the vibrant shades and patterning of genuine stones, each design tells its own story.

XO- Kendra

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