Celebrating Holley Day 2017: Metastatic Breast Cancer

October 13 will mark our second annual Holley Day, celebrating Kendra's lifelong friend Holley Rothell Kitchen. Holley was a loving mother, a loyal friend, and an inspiration to millions around the world. When she lost her battle to Metastatic Breast Cancer last year, Kendra was inspired to carry on her legacy by dedicating a day of giving to Holley.

Last year, we dedicated our donation in support of Holley’s mission to raise awareness and support for Metastatic Breast Cancer. This year, we are honored to be supporting families like Holley’s by donating $50,000 to Inheritance of Hope to create priceless moments and lasting memories for young families facing the loss of a parent. These funds will be used as a legacy retreat, an all-expenses-paid experience where families create lifelong memories and receive tools to navigate the challenges of terminal illness.


“Holley was always so kindhearted, so selfless, that even when she was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer, she didn’t stop to worry about herself. She turned the fight of her life into an opportunity to inspire thousands, to educate others on the importance of research and funding for Metastatic Breast Cancer, and to be an inspiring example of a loving mother and loyal friend.” XO- Kendra

Learn more and donate today at inheritanceofhope.org.

We hope you will join us in honoring Holley and her mission. As she stated in her video that went viral two years ago, “Metastatic Breast Cancer is not talked about enough… not enough research… but yet it’s the cancer that kills.”

Did You Know?

  • Metastatic (stage 4) breast cancer is the spread of breast cancer to non-adjacent parts of the body, and there is no cure.

  • 100% of breast cancer deaths occur because of metastasis, and almost 100% of people whose breast cancer has metastasized will die from it.

  • Popular breast cancer fundraisers give on average only 2% of their research funds to researching metastasis because their primary focus is on prevention.

  • Many metastasis researchers believe that metastatic breast cancer could become a chronic disease if there were more money to develop effective treatments.