Behind the Design with Kendra: State Charms


“Tokens from your travels! I have always been inspired by my grandmother's charm bracelet, which was filled with symbols from all the places and memories she loved. It was enchanting to watch her collection grow one by one, and listen to her talk about the heart behind each charm. I wanted to recreate the same magic I felt back then, now, for all of you! We designed our new state charms to have the same thoughtful detail and ‘found objects’ feel. Each one tells a story.” XO – Kendra


Inspired by a moment, a memory, or an adventure, we just can’t get enough of our new state charms! Some of our faves, you may wonder? The sweet Strawberry, the elegant Magnolia… annnnd pretty much all the others too. Seriously. They’re all just so fun, we can’t imagine narrowing it down. The best part is that our State Charms Collection is designed with our heart for community in mind. When your state needs it most, we will dedicate the proceeds of this collection to provide relief to the greatest needs in that state.

Beautifully nostalgic with whimsical appeal, you’ll notice that some of these state charms even have functional components – the Airplane’s propellers really turn, just like the Race Car’s wheels really roll. It’s those little things that make each state charm so distinctive, and the collection as a whole so special.


The beauty of these state charms is that they don’t just have to represent your hometown or somewhere you’ve visited. Maybe they simply stick out to you – for example, an icon that inspires action like the Beehive, or an ode to history and tradition like the Crown. Because at the end of the day, what makes charms so interesting is the meaning that you, the wearer, associate with them.

P.S. While you’re shopping around for your new charms, don’t forget to add a base or two to the mix as well. They make the perfect pair!


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