Behind the Design: The Conner Statement Earrings

Behind the Design of the Conner Earring

Our Fall Collection is full of jewelry we’re swooning over, but the one special piece we really can’t stop thinking about has to be the Conner Statement Earrings. Read on as we take you into the minds of our VP of Design Denise Chumlea and Senior Design Director Leah Lucus as they created this true work of art for your wardrobe.



The Conner Statement Earrings started with a singular source of inspiration: an arch shape Kendra had seen trending in high fashion for a while, that she wanted to figure out how to make accessible for her own customers.



Designing these statement earrings was all about finding the right balance between the avant-garde inspiration and making it look distinctly Kendra Scott. The Design team experimented with different shapes, bases, and sizes before finally developing the perfect piece.



The finishing touch was determining what we could use to actually bring these statement earrings to life – keeping in mind how much our customers love attainable, lightweight materials that provide eye-catching movement.

The trickiest part was figuring out what the connecting piece for the tabs at the bottom of the earring would be made out of. The obvious choice would have been to use a thin chain that would keep the piece at an ideal weight while still providing the movement they’d envisioned… The only problem? It wouldn’t have provided the sleek look they were going for. After much debate, the Design team decided on a smooth metal that checked off all the necessary boxes, while still maintaining the integrity of the original design.

Final Product

After months of dreaming and designing, the Conner Statement Earrings are finally here! Uniquely architectural with a mix of dynamic materials, we couldn’t be more excited to make it a staple in our fall wardrobes – and can’t wait to see how you style it in your own.

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